Family is where your heart is….

A family
is made of love and tears,
laughter and years.
It grows stronger
with the passing of time.
More precious
with the making of memories.

It’s the place you find
someone to encourage you.
believe in you.
Celebrate with you and comfort you.
A family is where your heart
feels most at home because you’re
Always wanted, always welcomed,
Always needed,
Always Loved.

When Deesha contacted me about doing picture of her family I was completely honored to be able to document the beginning of her mother’s journey to beat cancer. This family has so much faith and love and I just soaked it all in I was photographing them. I asked her before the session to write letters to her mother and we would read them during the session. Melanee didn’t know anything of this till they were handed the letters and the tears begin to flow. Their words spokeĀ faith to her as each letter was filled with love and encouragement.

In these pictures you will not only see laughter and tears but you will feel the loveĀ from this session and I am so excited to share these with you.




This picture with her dad is just PRICELESS!!! Be still my heart!!2017-04-06_0003pinimage2017-04-06_0004pinimage2017-04-06_0005pinimage2017-04-06_0006pinimage2017-04-06_0007pinimage2017-04-06_0008pinimage2017-04-06_0009pinimage2017-04-06_0010pinimage2017-04-06_0011pinimage2017-04-06_0012pinimage2017-04-06_0013pinimage2017-04-06_0014pinimage2017-04-06_0015pinimage2017-04-06_0016pinimage2017-04-06_0017pinimage2017-04-06_0018pinimage2017-04-06_0019pinimage2017-04-06_0020pinimage

These are letters and notes from her mom who has passed away. What a treasure!!!2017-04-06_0021pinimage2017-04-06_0022pinimage2017-04-06_0023pinimage2017-04-06_0024pinimage2017-04-06_0025pinimageMore pictures with her dad and below is one with her sister too.2017-04-06_0026pinimage2017-04-06_0027pinimage

These two are her beautiful daughters, and what blessing’s they are!!2017-04-06_0028pinimage2017-04-06_0030pinimage2017-04-06_0031pinimage2017-04-06_0032pinimage2017-04-06_0033pinimage2017-04-06_0034pinimage2017-04-06_0035pinimage2017-04-06_0036pinimage2017-04-06_0037pinimage2017-04-06_0038pinimage2017-04-06_0040pinimage2017-04-06_0041pinimage2017-04-06_0042pinimage2017-04-06_0043pinimage2017-04-06_0044pinimage2017-04-06_0047pinimage


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