Harvey Family|Arabia Mountain|Sunrise Session

Being up before the sun and watching it rise is one of the most amazing things to me. Now don’t get me wrong I love to sleep but when I see that light break through the darkness it awakes something in my spirit. It lets me know that no matter what I am going through the sun will shine again. As we walked up this mountain and the sun was rising it was such a powerful moment, something only God can create. I was also able to document this family having a small morning devotion too. It is not an easy photoshoot and I  know there is ways to go into photoshop and add sun and flares but you can’t add the experience in photoshop. You can’t add that stillness that you feel before the sky burst open with lights and colors. To wrap around your arms around your family, to hear your husband tell you why he married you while the sun is rising is something you will never forget. I love sunset shoots too so don’t be scared to hire me because of my love for that morning light lol!


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